Get on the Incolink Bus!

The IncolinkBus has been visiting sites since it launched in June 2019. In the last 6 months the bus has had 900 workers get on board. The IncolinkBus takes the Incolink Health Checks and Skin Checks around Victoria to see workers on sites.

Generally, men don’t go to the doctor as many times a year as women partly due to working hours and often other cultural factors.

Unfortunately, when they do go, their injury or illness has become worse and might be harder to treat or take longer to heal.  If they had gone to the doctor at the first sign of an issue it could, literally, be a life saver.

The IncolinkBus gives those who can’t quite make it to the doctors a health check.

On average every second worker who has been on board the bus has been referred to see their own GP about an issue.

So, get on the bus to better health when it comes to your site.