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Mission Statement

ONSITE is published as a Victorian building industry magazine in the interests of all relevant stakeholders of the Victorian building industry. The ONSITE magazine supports an even-handed approach to giving voice to how the key stakeholders (building unions and employer associations), go about their day to day affairs, in this crucial component of the Australian economy in respect to issues such as safety, jobs creation and investment. The magazine has a policy of not publishing overt political commentary, but does invite contributions aimed at promoting the positive aspects of the industry. Consistent with the above, stakeholder advertising in ONSITE will be on an equal basis or not at all.

Editorial Board

Brian Boyd: Incolink board member
Lawrie Cross: Master Builders Association of Victoria
Ron Smith: Media consultant

Alison Manton: Marketing Communications Specialist, Incolink

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1 Pelham Street
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03 9639 3000
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Incolink members can contact the following numbers for assistance regarding their redundancy, insurance and wellbeing services.

Redundancy & Insurance Enquiries: 03 9639 3000
Incolink 24/7 Counselling: 1300 000 129
Geelong Office: 03 5223 8982
Hobart Office: 03 6234 8403


Please note the opinions expressed in articles published in ONSITE magazine are not necessarily those of Incolink unless otherwise stated. Published by Incolink on behalf of employer associations and unions in the Victorian building industry. The Redundancy Payment Central Fund Ltd (trading as Incolink). ACN 007 133 833 ABN 22 862 951 309 Incolink’s

Privacy Policy

Incolink has recently completed an audit of it’s processes and updated our ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Collection of Personal Information Statement’.